What is the truth or dare game ?


Friends like having fun and teasing one another especially teenagers and small children like daring one another to do something embarrassing as a dare or say something about them that is very embarrassing as a truth. This game is what we call truth and dare game. It is dated to as early as 1712 during the times of masters and their slaves. Masters would give commends that had to be followed by their servants. Anyone who never obeyed the command would be forced to forfeit something so dear to them. This was taken as a game for fun and it has since improved and now can be played online.

How to play

This game involves two or more people. That is how it was from the ancient times. However, these days with the birth of the internet, one can play alone using his or her computer where the computer asks you to create two players who can be male and female or of the same gender. Once you chose a the names, you are required to spin a wheel which then settles on one name and gives two options for the player to choose from. A player can choose between a Truth or a Dare.

When one chooses a Dare, the computer asks him/her to do something that would be embarrassing to the friends. A Dare must be something that someone would not be willing to do like to crawl like a snake on the soil in front of your friends. A Truth involves very tough and embarrassing questions that will expose the inner secrets one would not be willing to give on normal situations. A question like, “How many girlfriends have you had sex with?’ would not be comfortable to answer in the presence of your girlfriends. A Truth must be a question that one would shy off from answering.

If one refuses to perform the Dare, there is always a punishment given to them. Some punishments may involve mob beating by the friends in the game or a price that you have to pay immediately. Some may even involve being scrap out of the friendship or the game itself. When a Truth is posed at you, you must give a sincere answer no matter how embarrassing it may be. Give a wrong answer is wrong and is punishable by rules of the game. The players sit together and agree on the rules of the game and the punishment for those who breach the regulations.

With Truth and dare game, someone asks a question that he probably know the answer. He is aware that has been your secret and you wouldn’t want it exposed to others. He asks to see if you would lie.


Truth and Dare game is enjoyable if the players obey the rules. One should only join into the play if he is sure that he would do the Dare. Care should be taken when playing this game. You should know who is present and what you wouldn’t want them to know about you. This game has caused breakups in relationships and therefore must be handled with care.

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