Show we train with music?


Everywhere I see people practicing with headphones. When I first started I also tried to run with music. The reasons are obvious: long runs is a sport monotonous, can be difficult and tedious. Music gives rhythm, raises motivation and attention conversation. Nevertheless, I’d recommend here to practice with headphones.

Connection between the head of the body
First of all, the vast majority of older people do sport for connect body and keep fit. Headphones do just the opposite: they cut off the head from the body. So most of us, the inhabitants of chairs and employees of the head, spend almost the only opportunity to do so will our feelings and listen to your body.

Improving Performance
Our listening ability is limited. When we’re focused on one thing, other things recede. The same sport. If you decide to start running your body, you should also add the head activity. There are lots of things that need attention during training: body sensations, movement, breathing, your technique. If you are already running or swimming or doing other sporting activities, you probably also want to get better. And as with anything, to improve have to spend all the above. Without attention to the movements and techniques, improvement will not be significant. Have you ever seen the serious athlete who trains with headphones?

Familiarity and control body
Listen to the sensations and body awareness will bring you finally getting to know him, and over time, even improve your ability to control your body. Only when the mind is involved in physical activity can read ‘Coaching’. You probably all know that a key role in our achievements and successes belong to our situation mentally. This is another reason not to cut off the head with headphones but use it while training for the training will be more qualitative.

Rest time
If you exercise at least a few months and has already logged some capacity, while the soft training your head can take a break and after 10-15 minutes of swimming or running, physical activity becomes a meditative activity. This will never happen if you listen to music or the radio. It’s a wonderful feeling and recommended rest and relaxation gives a real brain. All you have to do is find the right rowing machine, treadmill or home gym equipment, and there you go.

Creation Time
Many times during the easy running or swimming a long, rotating head first thoughts chaotic events of the day and not let go. But after about fifteen minutes, the brain begins to relax and thoughts become clearer. Then all of a sudden you feel you could have your thinking becomes clearer. Most tricks and creative ideas just come to me at the time. This is the number one cure for all those who think they are not creative. Mostly, people just do not give their brains enough free time for independent activities for fear of boredom.

In conclusion
We’re not used to being left alone with our minds. We bombed it nonstop external triggers: Calls, Internet, TV, radio, music, problems, etc. Light physical activity, it almost our last chance to let our thoughts fly. Take advantage of it.

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