Saw Palmetto for Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the problems many people face in their lifetime. Women’s pride is often in their beauty and hair is one of the determinants, however hair loss affects them more. Men are concerned with hair loss but they can resolve to different kinds of shaving that suits them. There are two main causes of hair loss cicatricial alopecia and androgenic alopecia, the first is caused by scalp inflammation which affects the hair follicles hence hair growth is hampered. The second one is because of delayed hair re-growth; this means hair falling is faster than its growth. Hair loss is a major problem for both sexes and many are looking for a solution, saw palmetto for hair loss is one of the best natural treatments for hair loss. The product has the ability to reduce the amount of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is the main cause of hair loss as it blocks hair follicles from growing. Saw palmetto hair loss is medically known as seronoa repens and widely grows in the united states and Germany . The components of the plant obstruct 5 alpha reductase an enzyme which promotes DHT development.

With an increased use of junk food and non-organic foods, the health of people is at risk and hair loss could be one of the major effects.  saw palmetto hair loss

Saw Palmetto Pills

Saw palmetto is created from the berries of the palmetto fan palm plant; the berries contain main ingredients necessary to fight androgenic alopecia. The saw palmetto for hair loss pills is not only effective in fighting DHT but also prohibits the cell membrane absorption of DHT. This allows hair to regrow and prevent loss of the present hair. An effective treatment requires ingestion of two hundred milligrams daily , the results are visible after using the drug for a couple of weeks. There are few side effects of the drugs, most being less common for example headache.

Saw Palmetto Oil

In most cases, some people do not like to swallow pills; however, they have an alternative to treat their hair loss problems. Saw palmetto hair loss topical cream allows them to apply the oil directly on their scalp and prevent balding. Saw palmetto has lipophilic properties, which makes the active ingredients easily absorbed into the skin. The oil is available in ointment and raw form, which are all effective in the scalp treatments.

It is recommended that every night you pour two tablespoonfuls and massaging it over the affected area for ten to fifteen minutes. Allowing the oil to soak up in the scalp has shown immense results in reducing or seven stopping hair loss.

Is Saw Palmetto Effective?

Many people ask themselves if the product is effective against hair loss however, Saw palmetto combat hair loss and results have shown this. According to testimonies of people who have used this product there has been recorded to show it , the product has recorded over 95% success rate in fighting hair loss. It does not cause allergy and is a natural product therefore , there is no worry of adverse side effects.



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