Does saw palmetto work for acne?

Acne is among the most common skin problems affecting men and women alike. Why do people get acne? It occurs when your skin pores become clogged. Some of the symptoms to watch out for include black or white heads and inflamed growth. This being the case, severity of this skin condition usually vary from one person to another. Most of the acne treatments entail application of topical medications directly to the skin. However, if you prefer using non-synthetic chemical to control skin problems, you may want to consider using saw palmetto.saw palmetto acne

What is saw palmetto for acne ?

It is better recognized for its ability in treating BPH in men. However, the major active ingredients contained in saw palmetto can also help in minimizing the severity of acne. Research studies conducted by the University of Maryland Medical Center revealed that the primary ingredients of this herb include plant steroils, flavonoids as well as fatty acids.

The herb is made up of high levels of polysaccharides that are used up by the human body to improve the immune system. It also works as an anti-inflammatory. One of the major benefits of acne saw palmetto is found in its potential to prevent the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, commonly known as DHT.

How effective is saw palmetto in reducing acne?
Studies regarding this herb are limited. However, the few studies available have revealed that, when taken orally, saw palmetto may help in reducing the severity of hormone driven type of acne in men and women. Different scientific researches have shown that upon conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, the shift in hormones result to acne. This hormone transformation also results in baldness as well as prostate enlargement in men. Acne saw palmetto thus helps in preventing this hormonal shift hence reducing occurrence of acne.

Pimples usually increase on one’s face as a result of overproduction of sebum in the oil glands. It is this overproduction of sebum which clogs your pores resulting in inflammation and pimples. We must say that currently, saw palmetto is also considered a remedy for hair loss and although not sold directly, in many hair loss medications and its a key ingredient(such as most hair loss shampoos for example nioxin has around  3% substance) although it does help in very specific cases (not in genetics for example).

The recommended acne palmetto dosage
Regarding the treatment of acne, there is no specific or official dosage recommended. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, taking 160 milligrams, twice each day might be effective for the treatment of BPH as well as testosterone transformation. The important thing is to ensure that the saw palmetto contains between 85-95% fatty acids and plant steroils for optimum effectiveness. Additionally, talk to your doctor first before consumptions, he or she should be able to advise you better regarding the dosage.

saw palmetto acne safety
Generally, it is considered safe for all healthy adults. On the other hand, just like other supplements, it might have side effects, which will differ from person to person. For instance, you may experience mild irritation in the stomach and headaches. Since it usually affect hormone levels, it is best to talk to your doctor before starting on the dosage. This is especially the case if you are under other medications at the time of considering its usage. If you are pregnant or a nursing woman, it is not wise for you to take this herb. If you hope to get elective surgery, it is wise to discontinue use of acne saw palmetto several weeks before surgical procedure. Saw Palmetto can also cause a slight problem to your tonsil stones
(read about it here), so you should consult with your doctor if anything abrupt happens.

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