Penis enlargement – what are the options?

Female sexuality is finally talked about extensively in Canada and elsewhere in the western world and if you ask us, this is a good thing. Women are finally free to talk about their experiences and about what they expect from their partners, us the guys for the most part. And as things so often go and develop, this has led to something negative. This negative aspect of the more female-centric approach to sexual activities has led to the rise in expectations, especially thanks to the availability of porn and the constant talks about how men need to be big and able to go for hours. And this puts tons of pressure on us guys. The good thing about this whole situation is that we live in an age of scientific advancements that have allowed us to improve our penis size and to get better in the bedroom.

Penis enlargement surgery, believe it or not, is currently the oldest efficient way to increase the size of your penis. We are not counting the natural supplements of the years past because they have been majorly ineffective up until very recently, which makes surgery the oldest effective penis enlargement option. However, there are obvious issues with penis enlargement surgery. For instance, it is excruciatingly expensive. Even Canadian health insurance does not cover for what is considered cosmetic penis enlargement surgery which has no functional needs other than enlargement. You need to pay for all of it and you will be set back a few thousand dollars at least. The safety aspect is also something that needs to be considered with all the risks that come with anesthesia and being cut open. Things can always go wrong.

Penis extenders are a relatively new option for penis enlargement and we have to say that we are quite satisfied with the promise that these devices show. They are worn around the waist and these devices work by extending the penis over time. The amount of force used is mild enough not to cause any harm to the penis while still being effective after a period of time. The problem with these, however, is the amount of time needed for the results to become obvious. We are talking about months of continuous use of the devices for at least 6 hours every day. This is something that is not easily achieved and most people who decide against penis extenders do so because they do not wish to set aside that much time every day to wearing their devices.

The third option that works are modern natural supplements, natural pills that are taken just like any other pills and that work on the inside. They boost the amount of blood flow that is allowed into the penis when erect which results in bigger erections and subsequent increase in the size of the organ. These supplements also enhance other aspects of the male performance, making men more confident, more libidous and more energetic in the bedroom. These pills are perfectly safe as they use only natural ingredients to provide the effects, thus making them perfect for men of all ages and medical histories.

As you can see, the options are somewhat limited, but there is still choice. In our opinion, the best way to go if you wish a bigger penis is with natural supplements for penis enlargement.



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