How to make your period come faster

Do you have a vacation or special night coming up next week? Don’t let your periods become a hindrance to you having a great time. Some women usually prefer making their period to come faster in order to take advantage of vital life events like vacations and weddings. Trying to make your period come faster is not as difficult as most women think. All that you have to do is planning accordingly. Below are three major ways on how to make your period come faster:


In case you would like the medical route, then you should talk to a trusted doctor first before trying out anything. The medical remedies that can make your period come faster are:

1. Birth Control: In case you’re taking the birth control pills, you have 2 options of either speeding up your cycle or skipping it all together. In the event that you want your period to come faster, you should switch to the placebo pills.

2. Hormone Injection: Another option which you can ask your doctor about is the hormone injections as an alternative to the birth control pills. click here for more information.


In case you prefer natural remedies or do not want to take some time to visit a doctor in order to make your periods come faster, then you can try out the home remedies named below:

Have sex

Having sex normally increases the flow of blood to the uterus and vagina. In addition, it makes the uterus to contract. The uterus relaxes after contracting which triggers shedding of the lining. Having sex also softens the cervix due to the hormones involved.

Take a hot bath or use a heating pad

Anything which increases your body temperature while lowering stress at the same time is a great combination in encouraging the onset of your period. Being extra warm dilates blood vessels, which are very useful for inducing the periods.

Physical Exercise

In moderation, physical exercises can be very beneficial since they improve circulation throughout the body. Exercises also reduce stress levels. Find something that you truly enjoy instead of having to force yourself to do exercises that simply make grumpy. This simple trick surely helps. Read more about it here.

Hang out with other women

If you have sisters or you have lived with roommates for long periods of time, you may have noticed a natural phenomenon which occurs in every woman. In case you notice a friend whose period starts before yours, then start hanging out with her more!

Food tips

High levels of vitamin C from oranges, kiwi, lemon, pineapple and papaya can accelerate your periods by depriving the uterus progesterone which in turn triggers menstruation. Even though Vitamin C is the ideal option, some people usually experience side effects like extreme diarrhea and kidney stones. To minimize such effects, you must take Vitamin C with lots of water.


Your weight can also affect your menstruation cycle. Being overweight causes irregular periods and also affects your blood flow. The extra fatty tissues produce estrogen which interferes with ovulation and boosts the uterus lining thus causing heavy periods. Due to the side effects of being overweight, a great way of making your periods to come faster is to lose weight. However, do not lose too much weight because it can have negative effects on your menstrual cycle. Your major aim should be maintaining a healthy weight.

In conclusion, ensure that you give yourself a lot of time to schedule an appointment with the doctor or try these home remedies. You should also be sure about the reason as to why you want to alter period. Sometimes we just have to trust our bodies more.

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