What is an inversion chair ?

Inversion chair is kind of seat that help to have therapy in the spinal cord where it allowing a complete circulation of spinal system, reduce muscle stress, fatigue and back that patients may be experiencing. Inversion chair is the comfortable one, whereby you rest your back to an angle of up to 70 degree, whereby your knees, ankle and hips are resting without any stress. Once your back has rested comfortably on the inversion chair, you should perform the necessary exercise that is applied on this item. The individual, who want to get inversion experience, must get the highest quality chair in the market.

Inversion chair, has adjustable angle belts where you can fix this belt until where you feel you are comfortable, it has nonslip feet where by it make your legs top relax comfortably. It also contains a seat belt where you tie yourself after sitting down. Thus no worries on stability when using inversion chair. The inversion chair is easy to assemble even after dismantling it, if you are carrying some cleaning service, it will be easier to return to its shape. The inversion chair have heavy gauge steel construction, it cannot break cannot break easily when using it. There is using of strong and durable materials. It have adjustable seat belt where you can adjust to an angle of 70 degrees.

Inversion chair have padded ankle and knees support, this is benefit people with knees and the joint pain to have less stress. This chair does not allow the user to hang by ankles, thus this chair make easier for those elderly and others who have the joint problem. The version chair has long curved handle bars covered in nonslip material and comfortably padded for easier inversion easy return. The seat and back are extremely well padded which is able to accommodate your spine and hips in a well-balanced position.

Inversion chair has extremely comfortable, well-padded headrest. The headrest itself has an extra padding which forms a pillow to comfortably support your head. The high density padding foam is covered by durable stitched materials, which after workout session you simply wipe with damp cloth. The inversion chair is highly supportive and comfortable. This seat is actually lower to the ground, making it much easier and stable to get on and off anytime you want. You get all the benefit of inversion without needing to experience ankle pain.

The inversion chair seat is very slight, the height base to ratio is small, with reduced the center of gravity, the greater the stability. There is no creaking which is due to its solid frame construction. The rubber string resistance stabilizer stop inversion chair from moving. The Inverting chair is comfortable, you only push the padded side handles, and the president will side back into inversion table. This chair contains three set of high- density foam rollers; keeping your body from sliding over during your inversion exercise. The ankle and behind your knees are comfortably held by the foam rollers, spreading pressure evenly for additional weight.

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