Hair Growth tips

It is a widely accepted fact that the type of hair one possesses can either make or break her personality.Great looking healthy hair plays an important role in the overall appearance of a person.While most of us aspire for great looking hair , owing to our sedantery lifestyle , food habits and exposure to pollution , hair loss has become a serious challenge that needs to be given a lot of attention. Also considering the absence of any known scientific formula that can accelerate hair growth, it is very important to take proper care of hair in order to have healthy and lush hair.Towards this end , the following are some of the most important hair growth tips which can be instrumental in improving hair growth.  hair growth tips

Before the hair growth tips are described in detail,it is important to note that just as hair damage does not happen overnight similarly there are no shortcuts to healthy and fast growing hair. Hence it is very important to be patient and consistently follow the hair growth tips to achieve the desired results.To facilitate faster hair growth it is important to take a two directional approach the first being adoption of certain habits that will prevent hair damage and secondly using some products which will help hair to re-grow faster.

Studies and research have revealed that the growth rate of the hair of an average healthy person is about half an inch every month which means one can expect hair to grow to around six inches annually.But this rate is not similar for all and specially will be effected if the hair is not maintained properly.Following a healthy regime to prevent hair damage is not a time consuming or herculean task.All that is required of is to inculcate the following healthy habits and maintain consistency in observing them.

Firstly, it is very important to handle hair with a lot of care.Following the latest fad in hair color or even things like chemical straightening ,perming and other styling tools need to be avoided as they can seriously damage the texture of the hair making it look lifeless,dull and become brittle.Apart from the use of chemical treatments hair damage can also happen because of the way it is styled. For example if hair is tied very tight it can exert a lot of pressure on the hair thereby leading to breakage.Hence it is always advisable to tie hair loose and wrap it while sleeping.

Secondly it is important to know that the fact which states that hair should be washed everyday is actually a myth.In fact contrary to this belief hair should be washed only two to three times a week and that too in warm water. If hair is washed everyday it leads to the loss of essential oils which actually stimulate hair growth.

Thirdly , to ensure fast hair growth it is important to trim it at regular intervals. This prevents the damage from reaching and effecting the roots and hence favors faster hair growth.

Fourthly, regular messaging of the scalp is also beneficial as it promotes blood circulation which brings forth the essential oil to the hair follicle thereby accelerating hair growth.

Finally along with following these simple hair growth tips it is also important to eat healthy and avoid stress as much as possible.Hair consists of a kind of protein named Keratin which is made up of amino acids.In order to have faster hair growth these amino acids needs to be produced by the body for which consumption of a diet high in protein is essential.Hence along with following a healthy overall diet one should also consume food like eggs, meat and dairy products which are rich in protein.

The next set of hair growth tips comprise of the use of certain products which make hair growth faster. These are, using deep conditioning products,protein treatments,consuming hair growth supplements (after consulting a medical practitioner), applying natural oils and using damage control products like heat protection sprays which prevent hair damage from exposure to pollution.These products are important as they ensure that the hair retains the moisture and also looks after damage control.Hence by following the above hair growth tips , one can not only grow hair fast but also develop a healthy hair.