How to grow taller?

Height is quite an important factor in almost everyone’s life. Together with making us look good, it also boosts our confidence. Generally, puberty is the period when girls and boys keep growing, but an adult also may grow an additional 2-3 inches.   How to get taller

Your genes and some other factors determine your height. Though most such factors are out of your control, you can still do few things to increase your height. So, if you now wish to know how to grow taller, continue reading to discover helpful tips.

1. Avoid factors that stunt your growth

First, you should take steps to make sure nothing comes in way of you reaching your natural height. Alcohol and medication can limit growth if you take them while you are young. Caffeine can also stunt your growth. Though caffeine directly will not affect your height, but it can prevent you from having a proper sound sleep. It is immensely important that kids and adolescents sleep for about nine and half hours, and caffeine can deprive you of that sleep.

Smoking can also have an effect on your height growth. Researches have proved that youngsters who smokes, or who are exposed to passive smoking, are shorter compared to those who do not smoke or are kids of non-smokers. Steroids too can limit your growth. Anabolic steroids prevent proper bone growth in teenagers and children, and can also lead to low sperm count, decreased breast size, and can cause heart failure.

2. Get proper sleep

Many Research have indicated that children and teenagers need between eight to eleven hours of proper sleep. While you sleep, your tissues are regenerated and your body grows. Try to build a sleeping environment that is as calm as is possible. Make sure unnecessary light and loud noises do not reach you when you hit the bed. If you find it difficult getting a peaceful sleep, drink a cup of hot herb tea or take a warm water bath before going to bed.

The HGH (Human Growth Hormone) naturally is formed in our bodies, particularly when we enjoy a deep sleep. So, a deep sleep can help in better production of the HGH, and thus encourage height growth.

3. Eat right

Make sure your body is getting all necessary minerals and vitamins that it needs for proper growth through the food you eat. If required, take supplements that are ideal for your age, along with breakfast each morning

Eat lots of green vegetables and fresh fruits, particularly those that are rich in calcium. Calcium helps in bone growth and might also prevent osteoporosis.

Get enough vitamin D. Vitamin D aids in proper growth, and is very good for the muscles and bones of growing children. Its deficiency can stunt growth. Some foods that are rich in vitamin D include mushroom and fish, and you can get quite a lot of it by spending time out in the sun. If you do not like eating fish, you can instead take a fish oil supplement.

Your diet should be rich in protein. Protein serves as an important building block that your body needs for proper growth. Food rich in protein includes curd, legumes, eggs, and meat. At least one of your meals must contain food rich in protein.

You also need to increase your zinc intake. A deficiency disease can lead to stunted growth in youngsters. It is thus very important to meet with your body’s daily need. Some food rich in zinc that you can have are peanuts, peas, eggs, and chocolates. You can also have a supplement that contains zinc.

4. Exercise regularly

Exercising regularly is very important if you want to lead a happy, healthy life. Stretching is one of those exercises that can help you grow taller. It is thus very important for children to stretch their limbs mildly each day. Hanging is also a great height increasing exercise. The gravity will help pull your body down and your spinal cord and limbs will be stretched in the process. You can also practice alternate leg kick if you want to grow taller. Pelvic shift, skipping rope, jumping, and swimming are amongst other exercises that can help you reach your desired height.

This is how to grow taller. If you want to grow taller, you also need to bring about some slight changes in your daily lifestyle. Make sure you do not stress your body. After every exercise schedule, provide your body with enough rest. Also, make sure your posture is correct. A simple thing like standing or sitting straight will stretch your spinal cord, and make you look taller.

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