How to choose the best medical food for my dog ?

The dog is not feeling well and as a result of a visit to the vet made the decision that it is necessary to replace the dog’s regular food health food. This paper seeks to review the common medical foods along with providing Hsimfotmim who can testify that the dog needed these foods.

Four companies operate in Israel in various recognized medical food: Royal Canin (huge variety, very common), Hills (great variety, common), Fiorina and Eukanuba. These companies are international companies their reputation and their foods are foods that are full of high quality, balanced and appropriate medical problems for which they were developed.

Below is a list of the most common medical foods:

Medical food for dogs with kidney problems

Diagnosis and treatment: For dogs with poor kidney function, which incidence of morbidity in dogs. The goal of curative This is to prevent the burden on the kidneys are sub function anyway, so foods that contain protein with low digestibility and a higher quality (because it is necessary to reduce the quantity in the diet) and reduction of minerals that may aggravate the situation in the kidneys (calcium phosphate).

Common symptoms: urination, weight loss, heavy drinking

Royal Canin Royal Canin – Renal

Hills Hill’s – K / D

Fiorina Purina – NF


Graion free food for dogs with urinary problems

Diagnosis and treatment: For dogs suffering from urinary tract infection due to inflammation and / or urinary tract stones. Urinary tract stones are built accumulation of mineral crystals that sink together. They can cause discomfort and lead to serious problems that require medical treatment. Medical Food’s goals of lower urinary tract problems are the cause urine to be acidic or basic (depending on the type of urinary stones) to prevent Lhootzrotm appropriate environment of rocks, causing the dog to drink more so consumed with “the system and limit the amounts of food components that constitute the basis of formation stones (such as magnesium, calcium, phosphate and protein).

Common symptoms: urinary frequency multiplayer, blood in the urine, unusual colored urine, urine dripping.

Royal Canin Royal Canin – Urinary Iorinri

Hill’s Hills – C / D, S / D, U / D

Fiorina Purina – UR

Medical Food overweight dogs

Diagnosis and treatment: For dogs suffering from obesity and / or overweight. Lots of complex carbohydrates contain fiber enriched to increase the feeling of fullness. In addition to the efficiency of the food weight loss, it is important that food is also providing weight control purposes intended. Medical food reduces the percentage of fat, but maintains muscle mass, energy levels and balance blood sugar.

Common symptoms: blood pressure problems, difficulty in moving, overweight.

Royal Canin (Royal Canin) – Aobisiti Obesity, and White Control Whight Control

Hills Hill’s – W / D R / D

Fiorina Purina – OM

Eukanuba (Eukanuba) – Restricted Ristriktid



Medical food allergy sufferers and dog skin problems

Diagnosis and treatment: designed for dogs with food sensitivity. Health food contains carbohydrates and proteins undergoing decomposition (hydrolysis) ingredients that cause allergic reactions (objective reduction of the threshold that causes the allergy) and food often contains a single protein component (duck, potato, rice). The diet contains higher levels of Omega 3 and 6 important for health and beauty of skin and coat and reduce the chances of skin infections. Please note that allergy may be due to other factors and not just the food but you can check this by replacing the dog’s food health food.
Common symptoms: skin problems, allergies, food sensitivity, recurring infections in the ears, Girodiim and redness at the bottom of the body, and gastrointestinal problems.

Royal Canin Royal Canin – Hypoallergenic Hypoallergenic, Snstibiti Sensitivity

Hills Hill’s – D / D, Z / D

Fiorina Purina – HA, DRM

Eukanuba Eukanuba – Drmtozis



Medical food for dogs suffering from the skeleton and joints

Diagnosis and treatment: For dogs suffering from the skeleton and joints that are caused by various factors such as age, obesity, abnormalities. The aim of this food is to preserve the existing cartilage in joints are destroyed and slow the deterioration of joints in an attempt to maintain a good quality of life as much as possible the dog. Food contains omega-3 and omega correct ratio with 6 to reduce the inflammation in the joint while maintaining seamless mobility.
Common symptoms: difficulty moving, difficulty getting up from rest, pain

Royal Canin Royal Canin – mobility support

Hill’s Hills – J / D (there is a regular and diet food for overweight dogs)

Fiorina Purina – JM

Eukanuba Eukanuba – Joint Mobility Joint Mobility


Medical food for dogs suffering from teeth and gums

Diagnosis and treatment: For dogs suffering from teeth and gums such as tartar and gingivitis. The texture size and shape of the dumpling allows exceptional activity of tooth erosion and dismantling of stone and contains substances that increase the protection of the teeth while preventing infections and rock artists. These problems are especially common amusement various breeds such as Shi-an, Pekingese, Pinscher, etc. These races stone tables and gum problems may occur relatively early age. Other breeds process may occur at a later age, and requires a special accordingly. Medical Food is a clinically proven effective in reducing plaque and tartar reduction of building space is helpful in reducing mouth breathing unpleasant odor.

Common symptoms: receding gums, tooth loss, bleeding from the mouth, tartar, bad breath.

Royal Canin Royal Canin – Dental Dental

Hills Hill’s – T / D


Medical food for dogs suffering from gastrointestinal

Diagnosis: For dogs suffering from gastrointestinal and liver. Diet with lower fat levels, a level of digestibility and a higher energetic level that allow downloading of load and relieves the digestive system.

Common symptoms: constipation, blood in the stool, weight loss, diarrhea.

Royal Canin Royal Canin – intestinal intestinal

Hills Hill’s – I / D

Fiorina Purina – DCO EN

Eukanuba Eukanuba – not

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