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Chest congestion associated with a feeling of choking or chest congestion can be usually due to a buildup of fluid in the lower mucus of the respiratory system. In some cases even heart disease may be the cause chest congestion.

chest congestionSometimes chest congestion that may be specific to respiratory infection or allergies some severe. These symptoms occur due to inflammation in turn results into the accumulation of mucus, chest congestion gives rise.

Due to the patient suffering from chest congestion frustrates many complications, it also requires proper attention and ask. This problem can be treated with natural remedies.

Some of the main causes, symptoms of chest congestion associated with the disease such as cold, pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma, emphysema and allergies air also had a post nasal drip causes. This problem is due to mucus in the sinuses to slide down into the lungs and chest congestion result.

Some other conditions that create the problem of chest congestion are lung cancer, croup, gastroesophageal reflux disease, edema, cystic fibrosis, heart problems and more.

This phenomenon of chest congestion is usually characterized by a feeling of suffocation in the throat and difficulty in breathing. This condition is associated with a problem and itching and pain. Person affected by this issue have a tendency to drive a lot of mucus from the lungs.

Some important natural for treating this problem –

1 One effective natural remedy is the case 2-3 black pepper seeds treatment.

2 Prepare the saline solution to gargle. This is the simplest natural for chest congestion. This drug is also effective for children as adults.

3 Some treatments like yoga, aromatherapy have found to be valuable, effective in treating this problem.

4 You can massage your breasts with oil as it will help you in reducing the problem of congestion.

5 to increase your intake of hot liquids. This is one of the simplest natural remedy and effective way to reduce the problem.

6 increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables are rich in minerals, essential vitamins, antioxidants.

These are useful grandma and very effective for the treatment of chest congestion problem.

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