Boyfriend’s have Feelings too!

Often times, as girls, it’s so easy to become accustomed to your boyfriend saying sweet things to you. Every now and again, you should find cute and sweet things to say to your boyfriend. Even though they don’t always show it, boyfriends have feelings too. Before you starting calling your man honey bunch and baby cakes, think about what kind of man he is. Is he the cute and corny type of romantic that likes generic sweet nothings? Could he be the kind of guy that needs a little more? Whether he is shallow or as deep as the ocean, there are a plethora of sweet things to say to your boyfriend.

Sometimes boyfriends feel the need to be macho for their ladies. It’s important for you as a girlfriend to cater to his ego. Call your man strong, notice his super hero arms, and ask him to hold you close to his heart. Your man will love to hear how strong he is. He secretly wants to swoop you off your feet like the knight and shining armor that he is. Tell him that you feel safe in his large protective arms. Let your boyfriend know he is the man. Let him know that you need him.
Tell your boyfriend how handsome he is. Call him sexy from time to time. He will love this. Your boyfriend will probably even show teeth when he smiles this time. Boyfriends love to know that you think they’re the sexiest man alive.

When your boyfriend holds the door for you or pushes your chair in, remember to show him some thanks. A chivalrous boyfriend is a privilege and should not be taken advantage off. Let him know how much you appreciate him. Your boyfriend will never stop opening doors and treating you like a queen. After a night on the town, followed by dinner, tell your boyfriend that you will take care of the check this time. Your boyfriend will really love this. Sometimes it’s necessary to remove some of the financial stress off of your boyfriend for once.

Every boyfriend should know good he is in bed. If you’re boyfriend is the best, let him know it. Even if he isn’t, giving him words of encouragement to help him get there. Don’t be afraid to tell him while you two are making love. Your boyfriend will be so happy to hear how he makes you feel.

If you have a brilliant boyfriend, tell him how smart he is. When he makes a decision, don’t question it. Let him know that his words and actions carry weight. Notice how your boyfriend knows so much about everything. If there is something that you don’t know or need help with, ask your boyfriend. He will feel needed and important.

If your boyfriend has a talent or special skill, let him know how that you’re his number one fan. Tell him that he kisses, cares or makes love better than anyone else. Let him know that he is irreplaceable. Make him secure with you and you will always be secure with him in return.

Stop reading this article about sweet things to say to your boyfriend and show him some love and affection! Go!

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