What are blackheads and how to cure them

Acne mostly appears as  Black Heads or white-pus pimples, especially on the face but sometimes on the chest, back, shoulders and neck.

In the Teenage times the  mammary glands and grow and get wider – (expansion is due to an excess of fatty substance secreted gland) This is the main cause of acne. Most of the fat produced by glands in the skin reaches-but some of it accumulates oil glands routes and burst out -obmga with oxygen, are “black spots” (“blackoes” as it is called youth).

The neglect of “black spots” These are non Clean interior pockets often leads to swelling under the skin milk and results in a sore wound Moglti- and this is the result of bacteria that decompose the milk. Please note that your acne does not appear due to external causes such as spots and pimples

But cleansing and maintaining proper hygiene will not harm prevention. Proper nutrition can be useful for curing pimple and acne scars on the skin.

Be sure to drink a lot of water and avoid fried foods, chocolate and nuts of all sorts. In fact there is a dispute on the subject of nutrition and its impact – but it is known that maintaining a proper diet (fruits and vegetables) helps the healthy and fresh appearance of the skin.

Many acne cases serve as a good influence, exposure to the sun carefully and gradually allows the skin

Peel and improves acne cases – no excessively exposed to the sun).

The fact that acne is a common disease, does not mean that oil is quite possible to do for Rifoih-‘s assumption that they’ll grow, “is a mistake, there is now the possibility to treat acne and curb the phenomenon. (There are now a variety of products suach as special creams -with skin healing active substances)

However -self heal myself not bring any benefit, but can cause scarring.

In the case of hard-acne skin have to see a doctor and get appropriate treatment. Upon diagnosis of a dermatologist, and if possible – should go to a professional cosmetician thorough cleaning and treatment of skin blemishes.

There is no cure magic solution – because the disease is persistent and gradual skin healing process. Sauna or steam bath fails to cure acne or eliminating black ‘Point’. Sauna temporarily increases blood circulation to the skin, bringing a substantial amount of moisture into the upper layers more- steam bathe effect of relaxing and soothing of all sorts, but one should not expect to cure the disease.

About boys or grown ups who Acne – but they offered to shave every Locker shaving method will cause less skin irritation: shave in the direction of hair growth and sometimes Rkhokot (time = twice a week) if you prefer a wet-shaving desirable to use a new razor each time. Leave the shaving minute or two before you start shaving. After shaving – washed immediately with warm water and then cold water. It should be noted that today it is possible to achieve shaving gels and after shave gels produced a plant which can and soothe skin. (Who is played by antioxidants – can sometimes cause skin irritation).

Acne scars annoying thing more than anyone suffering from acne – are scars in the skin. The best way to prevent scarring – is difficult to treat acne in the first place watchful dermatologist and then with professional beautician best way to avoid them.

The skin care is to start immediately with the appearance of “black” – treated by a professional cosmetologist will prevent the development of pimples, skin contamination and achieving the desired status.

In cases of very severe scarring Please Scrubs the top layer of skin and renews the skin. There are chemical peels Dermatologists in very difficult situations of acne scars. Initial scars situations – vegetable peels are made by qualified beauticians. This method improves the appearance of the outer skin and reduces the appearance of scars.



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