Inversion tables – The best way to deal with back pain naturally!

Also referred to as a decompression table, an inversion table is a perfect alibi for relieving back pain, decompressing joints as well as boosting blood circulation all across the body. Used for inversion therapy, the table enables an individual to assume an upside down position from the ankles with a second person helping them to stay in place. According to studies, inversion as a form of therapy allows for the separation of the vertebrae. In turn, this results in increasing moisture, nutrient content, and flexibility.

While yoga was the first form of inversion among people, the modern inversion table has equally come with the following benefits:

·Relieving back pain and eliminating the need for surgery

Back surgery has always been considered intense and a high risk procedure for the patient. It is also not a guarantee that back problems will completely be cured even with successful surgery. As such, inversion therapy, through the use of the inversion table has proven that it can eliminate back pain as well as the need for surgery after weeks of persistent use.

·The relaxation of tense muscles

Lying on an inversion table in itself is all the therapy that most of us need. Not only does the process allow for gentle stretching but it also increases blood circulation. This is known to reduce tension. Once tense muscles are relaxed, the whole body is eased of any impending stress.

·Increasing flexibility

It only takes 10-15 minutes on an inversion table for your entire body to feel lighter and more flexible. This kind of healthy stretch ensures that different parts of the body such as the neck becomes limber. Every muscle in the body will certainly feel flexible as well as stay healthy and supple.

·The inversion table helps in maintaining appropriate body height

Many people suffer from the shrinkage that comes with the cumulative effect of gravity over a lifetime. As such, stretching the body on an inverted table will ensure that good height is maintained without the possibility of suffering from shrinkage.

·The improvement of general blood circulation

While lying upside down may seem like the most unappealing and uncomfortable position for the good flow of blood, the inversion table ensures that you remain comfortable even as you do so. In this way, gravity aids in the circulation of blood throughout the body. This eases any kind of aches and stiffness throughout the body, maintaining perfect health and eliminating discomfort.

·Inversion tables are feel good devices

We all love a good body stretch. It not only rejuvenates us but also gives our bodies a good boost. After a long day of spending time in an office chair and trying to eliminate any body aches, an inversion table will truly work magically.

As a healthy workout device of choice, inversion tables have proven that a simple exercise goes a long way. It is the simplest way to improve health, boost energy and ensures that you build core strength. With it, you will remain on a healthy path and surely enjoy your body’s productivity.

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